The N. Sethia Foundation has participated with 2 vital aspects of their benevolent programs:

1. Midday Meal program
In India, poverty forces many parents to send their children to work in fields and factories. The only way to entice them to send their children to school is by providing hot meals to these students. In fact, School=Lunch is the brand name of this scheme. This professionally managed Midday Meal programme feeds approximately 660,000 children each and every school day!

The success of this project can be seen by the lower drop-out rate in the areas offering this scheme. By feeding hot, nourishing meals to underprivileged children of all castes and communities, ISKON serves the dual purpose of feeding hungry young bellies while giving them an opportunity to receive an education.

The Nirmal Sethia Foundation strongly supports all efforts to provide our children with the prospect of a brighter tomorrow and contributes generously to this noble endeavour.

2. Protection of Cows and Oxen
In 2003, ISKCON launched New Gokul, Britain’s only centre for the protection of cows and working oxen. The brutal slaughter of 3.38 million cows and bulls every year prompted the temple to commit 60 acres of its land as pasture for their protection.

The N. Sethia Foundation champions the prevention of all animal cruelty, and has become one of their biggest sponsors, contributing to the construction and expansion of this much needed cow pen.

Today, more than 33 animals live under the protection of the temple. It provides cows with milking parlors to feed their young and supply milk to the temple. The newly installed facilities allow guests to see all aspects of a working goshalla in a manner that is safe for both, animals and guests.