There are nearly 190 million diabetic patients worldwide today. This number is expected to rise to about 400 million by 2020.

The most common cause of death, affecting close to 80% of the people, is coronary heart disease.  Diabetes has increased dramatically in the western world and has reached almost epidemic proportions in the Middle East and parts of Asia.

The N. Sethia Foundation and Nirmal Sethia charitable trust contribute towards the specialized expertise of the BCRT.

This medical field gained a significant boost when the Wellington Diabetes Trial proved that the BCRT could detect “silent” heart disease early and determine the risk of future heart attacks. This information could change the way we look at heart attacks and save the life of many thousands of people.

The British Cardiac Research Trust has conducted innovative clinical trials, which have had a significant impact on both, early detection of heart disease and on improved patient management. The research performed in the centre is linked to important life changing trials with unprecedented new knowledge that would go a long way in saving countless lives.