We are proud to devote this website as a celebration of the worthy causes and invite you to discover more about our work.


The Foundation is proud to have been the sole founder of a girl’s college in Rajasthan. In the UK it has been a regular supporter of the Princes Trust and the Roundhouse Trust

Medical & Healthcare

In recent years the Foundation has supported the work of major London research hospitals in their ground breaking work in Robotic Surgery.

Spiritual Activities

The Foundation has an ongoing involvement in promoting the teachings of Hinduism. The works have been many and varied.

Social Empowerment

Mr Sethia was particularly concerned at the plight of widows in his family’s home town of Sujangarh, and that of destitute children. This commitment is ongoing.

Solo Memorial Projects

Since the sad passing of Mrs Chitra Sethia, the Foundation has embarked on a series of major projects in her memory.

Enviromentally Friendly Activities

When reviewing a project, recognition is given to environmental issues. The Solar Water Heating Plant is a good example.

Cultural, Social & Youth Activities

We have been proud supporters of the Princes Trust and the Roundhouse Trust for many years. This work is an integral part of our commitment to youth education.

Disaster Appeals

The Foundation has reacted promptly to appeals for worldwide environmental disasters. Our commitment is to the restoration of the infrastructure of the devastated areas.

General Contribution

Other project contributions include