The N Sethia Foundation has ventured into medical research and specialised training by providing financial support to establish the Chitra Sethia Centre for Robotics and Minimal Access Surgery.

Chitra Sethia centre for Robotics and Minimal Access surgery strives to:

  • Provide specialized training to healthcare professionals
  • Develop cutting edge technologies in the surgical arena
  • Ensure best treatment experience and excellent care with improved success rating

The centre is one of the world’s pioneering institutions providing virtual training in robotic and laparoscopic surgical methods. It is also the first robotic training centre in the UK and plans to offer specialized training to healthcare professionals at a global level. The centre uses latest technologies and precise surgical techniques.

The centre is equipped with highly modern keyhole surgery systems to provide hands on training to surgeons and nurses in the field of urology, gynaecology, ENT, and general surgery. It houses the most modern ‘Da Vinci’ Robot System – an exact replica of the one used for conducting operations at UCH and in the training of the next generation of surgeons. Uro-Oncology surgeon Professor John Kelly provides expert guidance and training to healthcare professionals.

There are also plans to the public in order to educate them about the advantages of using modern technology in the medical field.